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SUMMER WEIGHT LOSS WORKOUT CHALLENGE is here. Get absolutely shredded this summer and feel super amazing at the beach.

90 DAY SUPER STARZ is your ultimate workout plan. Let’s boost metabolism, jumpstart fat loss and build lean, beautiful and healthy body! There are two kinds of people, those who challenge themselves to finish strong…and those who do not. Which one are you?

What is SUPER STARZ workout challenge? 

90 Day SUPER STARZ is a total body transformation program with a strong focus on full body training. 90 day workout plan has an obsessive focus on functional fitness and nutrition, spread over 13 weeks.    

This summer we are focusing on improving cardiovascular endurance, increasing your energy, endurance and stamina to maintaining a healthy body composition.

Q. Is it extreme? 

A. Oh, yes. The workouts are intense — averaging 30 minutes to an hour in length. And I can promise you, “YOU CAN DO IT”. You’ll have to follow a macro-nutrition plan, eat a lot of fruits and veggies to produce amazing results at each phase of the program.

Juliette knows exactly how to transform bodies after 20 years of training clients, creating powerful fitness programs, and carving out her own hard-won success.

With SUPER STARZ challenge, she leaves nothing to chance in making sure that your Weight Loss Program will result in a body that’s healthy, fit, strong, firm, HOT and SEXY.